Avana’s Bio

True vocals, true personality, and true performance skills is the only way to describe the sexy, talented, coco, Georgia Peach, “Avana”! With all the elements of a marquee vocalist, Avana has delivered breathtaking and body chilling performances, domestically and internationally. Fans in Las Vegas, Hilton Head, Atlanta, Japan, Spain, China and Taiwan have enjoyed her great shows. Singing in three different languages, you could never tell Avana possesses such talent, the way she brings the soul.
A true favorite in the entertainment capitol of the world “Las Vegas” Avana the “Georgia Peach” is known as the singer’s singer. It’s so easy to feel when you hear her recording all of her lead and background vocals.
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"Best Kept Secret"

Avana has been the vocal duet partner for Michael Henderson and has performed background vocals for Billy Paul, The Supremes in Madrid, Spain and many others. She has also given stellar performances as the opening act for Rolls Royce, Ray Charles, Ollie Woodson, Al Green and the  featured  lead vocalist for the BB King Allstar Band.
Avana is making waves and becoming a favorite on the Internet radio scene, as well as some local stations in the Nevada area and wonderful south. With three CD’s to date “It’z On”,  “Oopz Uh Oh…”and her newest release “Best Kept Secret”. Avana takes real life situations about life, love and happiness and puts it to amazing harmony in song.
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